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I’m still here!

Apologies for the M.I.A label that I have given myself over the past few months. I didn’t really do any running so I didn’t have too much to say. I had checked myself out of the running world and here’s a recap of why:

I got bored. Really, I did. I wanted to try some new things since I wasn’t training for anything. So I did a little exploring.

After the winter months of exploring Bikram yoga and short tempo runs, I decided to take a few months off from running. I rode my bike a few times, got into the “Insanity” workout craze (lost an easy 5lbs in the first month), I stopped the “Insanity” and instantly gained 5lbs back, I did some “leisure” runs once or twice a week and have been learning how to play the incredibly hard sport of Tennis.

Phew that was a lot of exploring. But once Spring started to pass and the urge of wanting to be outside all of the time, the other urge of wanting to run slowly came back too. Around a month and a half ago I decided it was time to pull out the running shoes, lace up and fall back in love. I fell head over heals back in love with running (sorry Kev you have some competition). And holy crap, was it hard!

My first “real” run outside barely lasted two miles. My feet felt like bricks and the only thing I took away from that run, was the accomplishment of not throwing up all over myself. I was out of running shape. So I decided to take it slow since I was basically starting from scratch. It took almost two months to feel comfortable again. And of course I decided to start running again once it got hot out!!

Taking few months off were probably the best thing I not only did for my body but for my running mind as well. The past few years I never took a real break and put in 1,100+ miles each year. It was time to focus back on the quality and not quantity of miles.

The urge of wanting to run also could not have came at a better time. Back in Spring I decided to register for the Detroit Half Marathon. I knew I would eventually need to start running again and training – I just had to wait and find that right moment. And I’m glad I did.

Cheers to a new running start!


When you’re having to start fresh again, here are some things to help guide you along to help get back into “it”:

· Start with minutes not miles. Go out for 20-25 minute runs 4-5 days a week. And then gradually increase your time. Every third week, drop your running by 20% to help reduce the risk of injury. Then ease your way into miles to help prepare you for training or personal goals. These runs should be ran at a comfortable pace, nothing fast – you should be able to carry on a conversation at this pace.

· Stretch EVERYTHING! If not before, then most importantly after.

· Once you can run a solid 30 minutes comfortably, start doing some tempo runs, speedwork and hill repeats. This will help build your endurance.

· Try and pick some different routes to help keep your routine mixed up. If you plan on doing speedwork, use a local high school track rather than a treadmill. For hill repeats, find a bridge.

· Set a few days aside every week for, stretching, strength training and cross training.

· And most importantly, enjoy yourself.




ASICS 33 Collection™ is lightweight, everyday running shoe collection that encourages natural foot movement. Inspired by the fact that 33 joints in the foot allow it to move efficiently, ASICS 33 Collection™ styles provide comfort, cushioning and flexibility during active endeavors or every day use while remaining lightweight.” –

I have always ran in Asics. They have been reliable, durable and a nice stable shoe for miles upon miles of running. The 33 collection is interesting, because it’s somewhere Asics hasn’t really been. Their current lightweight running shoes would kill my feet in a 10 mile run. But these shoes appear to have substance behind them. I trained and ran my longest runs in Asic’s 1170s and they didn’t really let me down. My only beef was the inconsistancy and sometimes they feel like blocks after awhile.

Currently I’m running in Nike’s Lunarglide +3 Shields. A pretty awesome shoe, but not so awesome for super long runs. I bought these shoes cause I was looking for something a little more out of my running shoe. I wanted more of a natural movement, rather than my feet feeling like blocks sometimes with my Asics. The Lunarglides provide a stable ride and is an incredibly light shoe. But I ran 7 miles in those things and the balls of my feet ached for days. I choose not to run more than 7 miles in those shoes.

So back to my trusty Asics it is. Only this time the 33 collection may give me everything I’m looking for in a running shoe?

The 2012 Chicago Marathon reached max capacity in just six days! The race filled up in record time by reaching the participant cap of 45,000 runners. It’s a big race and this record entry fill-up time just proves how big the race has become.

Chicago’s marathon attracts a lot of first time marathoner’s and those looking to mark if off their bucket list. It’s a flat and fast course. And it’s a great prime candidate for those looking to run their first marathon in.

If you’re looking for a bib and missed out on registration, you can still run for charity. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to raise some extra bucks for running through a charity after registration has closed.

Running cheers!

Registration opened today for the 2012 Chicago Marathon held on Sunday October, 7th. You can register online at:

Entry fee is $150 – up $5 from last year. If you’re interested in running the 26.2 journey through the streets of Chicago, I suggest you register as soon as possible. This race sells out every year and last year it sold out in a little over a month. Max capacity is 45,000 runners and it is a big and packed race. So if you do decide to run it, be prepared for the large wave of runners.

As for me, I am opting out this year. Two years in a row is enough for my body. Sure, I’ll miss doing it this year. But I won’t miss the aches and pains. I am looking into half marathons for the fall or late summer though.

Good luck & happy training to all of those who decided to run it this year. I will be cheering you on come race day and may even run along side you during the summer mornings of training.

Winter Running

Apologies on the M.I.A status. And no I haven’t been lazy and not running and just snoozing on the couch.

The new year has already proven to be quite a busy year so far. Work kicked off the first few weeks of January with a few 70+ work weeks. But I still managed to find time to run. The key to winter running, especially when you don’t have any races lined up – is to include the following runs in your regime to stay in running shape during the winter months:

– One long run

– One Interval or Tempo Run

– Two regular Runs

Making time to run 4 days a week from as little as 25 minutes to an hour is key to staying in shape. You might put on a bit of a winter coat, but the typical runner will put on an average of 10lbs. in their off season. It is the off season. So just try to not stay glued to the couch where it’s nice and warm. Read articles, blogs, start looking up info. on some races you’d like to check out come the warmer months – do anything that involves running to stay motivated. You’ll think yourself come Spring when you’re eager to get outside and aren’t dragging on your first run out in the warm sun.

2011 in review


Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

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Nicholas Sparks is most well known for his books, such as Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember and The Notebook. But, in New Bern, North Carolina Sparks is known for his contributions and coaching of a track program that has developed into one of the nation’s best track team around.

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